Monday, October 8, 2012

About Personal Branding

Why is it important to market myself?
I think that nowadays the job market is very tight, and to be part of the "best values" you really have to market yourself online. All the Human Resources departments of the companies are now searching profiles online, that is why you really need to join serious social networks and to update your profiles with your qualities and what you're searching for. It is important to show your interests, why you would correspond for the job you're searching for, and to write in your profiles the keywords that match you the most.
Personal branding is a trend of the 21th century that we really have to follow.

How can I build my brand online?
To build your brand online, your firstly need to join the social networks from witch you can take an advantage when applying for a position. But subscribing to these networks is not enough. You need to "feed" your profile, and to show you're active on them, that you have connections that also match your interests. All of this contributes to showing you are "present" on the web.
But you also need to attract people to you. You have to publish things that correspond you, you can lauch "campaigns" on social networks and invite your friends to like what you posted.
So, basically, ou not only need to be present, but also to be an "activist".

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