Monday, November 26, 2012

SEO - My statistics after two months of blogging

Search Engine Optimization can be very complexe for a neophyte, which is why companies often employ professional specialized in SEO. But a manager still has to be aware of the basics of SEO.

Improving the visibility of your own website is important to generate traffic. Several basic tricks are given by google so that you can improve your visibility:

- hierarchize your content and create links between your internal pages

- Create a sitemap in which links are directed to the main sections of your website

- Don't put too many links on each webpage

- Build a site rich of information rand present the content clearly and relevantly

- Try to think about the terms internet users will use to search for your site, and insert them in your pages

There are a lot of other techniques that you'll be able to find out following this link >>

Concerning my own statistics, I figured out by using the blogger statistics page that my blog "Six Months in SoCal" as been visited 189 times exactly, which I think is poor compared to the time I have been keeping it updated.
Most of the pageviews come from the United States, but I also have several of them coming from France, which is probably due to my french friends following me on my twitter account. It also seems that most of the traffic comes from the links from the blogs of my classmates.
On the following graphs, we notice that the stats about internet browsers are equally shared between Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari:

Concerning my facebook account, I currently have 536 friends. I created my account in 2008, but I think I got in contact with most of my friends since 2009.

As for my twitter account, I created it approximately one month ago and I now have 14 followers. I follow 16 twitter account and have posted about 15 tweets since I subscribed to twitter.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Return On Investment

Return On Investment is a way of measuring what are your benefits as a consquence of a certain strategy.

You have several ways to measure Return On Investment for Social Media:

- Click Through Rate: the CTR represents the number of people who navigate on your website by having clicked on a link on another website.You can calculate with the following formula:
CTR = Number of people who clicked on the link to your website/number of times the link is shown

- Number of followers (also known as "eyeballs")

- How many likes/retweets/reposts you get

- How are increasing/decreasing your sales

- Analytics (you can measure them using Google alerts)

- The number of mentions you get

- Create an Activity Timelines: you have to track everything that is hapenning (posts, new friends, e-mail blasts...)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time for VLoging...

As a first Vlog try, I have to introduce myself in a short video: here is the result >>

I'll try to update it with a new and better one when I'll be able to!