Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Online communities

So, for our next class we had to join two online communities and post messages on it.

My aim when applying to UCR really was to discover California: therefore, I joined the online community called "CouchSurfing". This community allow people to organize trips, find great places to go, and welcome other members of the community in your home: they sleep on your "couch", which explains the name of this community.
Then, I joined the group "California", and posted a message asking the things to do near Riverside, the places I should visit, if there are great places to hike or swim... Nobody answered me yet, but since the community is pretty active, I think i'll get some answers soon!

The second community I joined is a Yahoo group called "canukscavalierclub", it is a group to talk about Chevrolet Cavalier. I joined this gorup because I'm actually buying this car, and therefore I wanted to get some advice about it: I put a link of the ad for the car on the forum, and ask the members if they think that it is a good deal or not. I didn't get any answer, but the "weird" thing about this forum is that there are more than 500 members, but the last posts are not really related to the subject of the group...
I hope that someone will answer, even if I already took the decision of buying the car!

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