Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My motivations in getting enrolled in this class

First, my major in my school is France is "Management", but through my educational path I specialized in Marketing and Communication. Adding to that, I spent the past 12 month doing an internship as a Communication Assistant in BNP Paribas, the France's largest bank.
My job was to update intranet pages, publish actualities, keep in touch with the different parts of the Human Resources department (compensation and benefits, Global Reporting, Diversity...) and ensure the communication between them. 

I also participated actively to the organization of several big events (conferences, seminaries, workshops...).

And, las but not least, a member of my team was in charge of developping the internal Social Netwok of the Human Resources department of BNP Paribas. Thanks to her, I had the opportunity to participate to many conferences about internal social networks of differents companies (Orange, Coca-Cola...), and this gave me the willing of learn more about social medias in general.

My purpose is to increase my knowledge into social medias, to learn how today's new technologies can help build online communities, and how this communities will help building a strong brand.

I am willing to integrate a company in a marketing and communication position, and I know that each of them now ask the appliers to have strong knowledges about social medias to pretend for these positions. Moreover, I am very interested in information and communication technologies, and the social medias appear to be a major and even indispensable tool.

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