Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Return On Investment

Return On Investment is a way of measuring what are your benefits as a consquence of a certain strategy.

You have several ways to measure Return On Investment for Social Media:

- Click Through Rate: the CTR represents the number of people who navigate on your website by having clicked on a link on another website.You can calculate with the following formula:
CTR = Number of people who clicked on the link to your website/number of times the link is shown

- Number of followers (also known as "eyeballs")

- How many likes/retweets/reposts you get

- How are increasing/decreasing your sales

- Analytics (you can measure them using Google alerts)

- The number of mentions you get

- Create an Activity Timelines: you have to track everything that is hapenning (posts, new friends, e-mail blasts...)

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